Reasons to Exhibit

PacPrint 2017 offers a unique opportunity to engage with your target audience in an interactive environment,
which comes together only once every four years. Outstanding Sales Opportunities

Outstanding Sales Opportunities

  • Generate pre-qualified leads
  • Make direct sales
  • Build or develop your prospect database
  • Increase sales and explore new markets

Develop Customer Relationships

  • Engage with your target audience face-to-face in a live environment
  • Build relationships with prospective and existing customers
  • Deliver value through client consultations and education

Gain Targeted Exposure

  • Reach key decision makers and specifiers actively seeking your products and services
  • Be a part of the new ‘go-to’ event for sustainable solutions

Build Brand Awareness

  • Align your brand with the best in the industry
  • Build brand awareness and strengthen recall
  • Launch new products and services

Conduct Market Research & Gain Insight

  • Explore new markets and conduct targeted research
  • Network and learn from industry peers and thought leaders in an interactive environment

Make your marketing investment work harder

  • Leverage a more direct form of sales and marketing than any other channel
  • Meet your existing and prospective customers face to face
  • Deliver genuine impact in an inspiring live environment
  • Demonstrate, educate and add value
  • Create a lasting impression within new markets
  • Be there, be seen and be remembered

Contact PacPrint

Peter Harper, General Manager
0418 267 952

Jenny Harris, Event Manager
0439 427 747

Sarah Moore, Event Manager
0418 161 602



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