PacPrint 2017 News

Fujifilm's cool new 3.2 metre LED Printer to debut at PacPrint

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Fujifilm has confirmed that its new Acuity LED 3200R 3.2 metre UV wide format will be exhibited at PacPrint, next to its established 1.6 metre sibling, the Acuity LED 1600.

“We’re very excited about the LED 3200 making it to PacPrint in time,” says Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division Manager Warren Hinder. “Releasing a new product is not just a question of flying it in; technical staff need to be trained, supply chain established and so on. It uses a new type of Uvijet ink because of the low-energy LED method of curing, which is much more environmentally friendly and economical than metal halide UV curing.”

Fujifilm first introduced LED curing in the highly successful Acuity 1600 LED; approximately 900 units of the LED 1600 have been sold worldwide. Because LED UV uses lower energy and a different bandwidth of UV light, the inks used need to be matched to the spectrum. Fujifilm created the inkset for the 1600 and a new, more flexible Uvijet ‘LF’ inkset for the 3200R.

The addition of LF flexible inks opens up the soft signage sector for printing onto fabrics used for backlit panels, exhibition displays, teardrop outdoor banners and pull-up portable displays. Soft signage applications will be showcased on the stand at PacPrint.

Top-shelf specifications
The 3200R has eight ink channels including white and a clear coat (available later in 2017). Top speed is 110m2 per hour in CMYK 2-pass only mode. In 4-colour mode, standard production is produced at six-pass 40m2 per hour. Using all colours (CMYK + Lc,Lm, W) draft mode is 60 m2 per hour at four-pass and standard production is at 20 m2 per hour with twelve passes.

Backlit panel production is a particularly strong feature of the LED 3200R and there is even an on-board backlit display so actual viewing results can be proof-assessed during production. In this mode, sixteen passes are deployed so colours remain saturated and vibrant, with a production speed of 7.5 m2 per hour.

Double without trouble
Another unique feature is the ability to print two rolls simultaneously. Two rolls of media, each variable up to 1.52 metres in width, can be loaded to print either the same or two different jobs, effectively creating ‘three printers in one’ to increase the versatility of the LED 3200R.

This dual roll capability is an excellent production advantage when 1.52 metre production is at its peak and switching back to full 3200mm width is fast and easy. Two RIP variations are available:- ColorGate Production Suite 9 or Caldera’s V10.

“I invite anyone looking at the 3.2 metre wide-format roll-to-roll sector to book in for a demonstration on this remarkable machine,” says Hinder,” it ticks all the boxes for the environment, occupational safety, low power consumption, versatility and, as for the image quality; we’ll let that speak for itself at PacPrint – the colours are vibrant and very wide gamut.”

Fujifilm Graphic Systems will be co-located with Fuji Xerox Australia on stand E10, one of the largest at the PacPrint show.