Conditions of Entry

Registration is required for all trade visitors. Admission is free to trade personnel and a Visitor Badge must be worn at all times


Canvassing or soliciting for business by non-exhibitors or unauthorised personnel during the exhibition is strictly prohibited. Prohibited canvassing activities include but are not limited to distribution of promotional material, wearing of heavily branded promotional attire and actively encouraging exhibitors and visitors to view goods and services in another location. Entry to PacPrint is permitted to trade visitors on the condition that they do not attempt to canvass products or services whilst visiting the exhibition. Any visitor attempting to canvass PacPrint exhibitors or visitors will be asked to leave.


Teachers MUST pre-register student groups through, each teacher can supervise up to 10 students, and the teacher must be present at all times.


For trade visitors with children, please visit the registration desk at the entrance of the event, before entering the exhibition to acquire an ‘Accompanied Guest’ pass for your child(ren). No children are permitted under the age of 14 unless accompanied by an adult

International Visitors

A valid visa may be required to enter Australia. For information about visas contact the Australian Embassy in your country.

Visual Connections Australia Ltd does not issue ‘Letters of Invitation’ to visitors.

Contact PacPrint

Peter Harper, General Manager
0418 267 952

Jenny Harris, Event Manager
0439 427 747