7C Digital Printing Textile Co. Ltd

Address: level 2, 5 Geroge street
North Strathfield New South Wales 2137
Telephone: 61 431 774 990
Email: John@print-fabric.com.au
Website: www.7cchina.com, www.print-fabric.com.au
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Digital printable art canvas

textile banner material

flag material

sliver art canvas

backlit&frontlit canvas

About 7C Digital Printing Textile Co. Ltd With 9 years experience of innovating and manufacturing digital printing material, our reputation for offering the highest quality at competitive prices has grown extensively. Our significant investment in material innovation has enabled us to manufacture high quality, eco-friendly material. This has resulted in substantial success in the European and US markets.

7C digital utilizes various material applications; therefore we can service any wholesaler with wallpaper, canvas reproductions, banners, flags and lightbox. Due to our large-scale production, we can deliver on any size or quantity and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and service to meet and exceed our clients’ diverse range of needs.

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