Bottcher Australia Pty Ltd

Address: Unit C, 2 Hudson Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154
Telephone: 61 2 9659 2722
Fax: +6129585 7633
Stand No: C50

Brands we Sell

Böttcher, BöttcherTop, BöttcherPro, Feboclean,

Product Profiles

1. LED/HUV – Printing
a. Roller compounds- 726 / 377 – Stable through life
b. Printing Blanket – NewUV – The Winning Advantage
c. Chameleon Wash –Value added Performer
d. S-3051 fount –Fountain solution the WORKS!
e. M/products – designed to keep the system stable

2. Carton Board Packaging Printing
a. Roller compounds - UV, Chameleon, Conventional, Stabilis, ProAqualis and Neon
b. Printing Blankets - BT7700 value, BT8600 performer
c. Coating plates – First in class, tailored solutions with value added cad cutting and DLE service
d. The Vita low migration stable of products

3. Commercial / industrialised printing
a. Roller compounds. - Stabilis, Combi, IPA free – exchange program
b. Printnig Blankets – A solution for every need
c. Coating plates – The revolution
d. Latest wash technology – Performance and value added
e. Fountain solutions that are ahead of the crowd
f. Maintenance products & consumables that add value

4. Flexible & label printing
a. Flexo Plate mounting sleeves
b. Gravure ESA & nip rollers
c. Direct Laser Engraved sleeves
d. Flood coat sleeves
e. Leading UV compounds for Metal decorating, label and can printing
f. Chemistry & Maintenance Products – Fountain solutions, UV Flexo wash & cleaning pastes

About Bottcher Australia Pty Ltd At Pacprint 2017, Böttcher will be focusing on their customers by offering a fresh and innovative proposition that is aimed at elevating our customers to the next level and assisting them in becoming more competitive and profitable.

During your visit to the Böttcher stand C50 you will be introducing you to Böttcher in such a way that will highlight how you too can take full advantage of their offerings, value and benefits.

For the past 292 years Böttcher has been at the forefront of technological and quality advances in the printing industry. With a team of over 2,000 people, 80,000 customers world wide, and a 180 strong R& D/QC team committed to solutions and quality we are able to offer you the culmination of our extensive experience.

We are proud of the fact that the majority of the major press manufacturers around the world have been doing for many years by fitting our roller in their new presses from new.

Under the banner of Print Systems the team of highly technical specialist will be on hand to discuss the extensive range of Böttcher Systems that are aimed at partnering your company in a systematic way that if adopted will help bring about measurable and significant changes to your business.

Böttcher are focusing on the people factor, the environment and sustainability, best practices, systematic evaluation and ongoing support education. In effect Böttcher are seeking to be the silent partner in your business helping you to maximize your profits and reduce your input costs and that’s the bottom line.

We are really focusing on truly innovative approaches to the daily challenges of optimizing all aspects of print production and all facets of Printing.

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