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Lite 110
Offers premium performance for use in light box applications.
Excellent crease resistance, stretch, and luminance suitable for paper transfer and direct sublimation printing.

Galaxy B/O
The perfect solution for all your framing requirements.
A unique construction which offers visual block out, crease resistance, and ease of installation.
Galaxy B/O is compatible with most digital cutting equipment minimising handling through the finishing process.

Expo Stretch
Specifically targeted for stretch frame applications.
An aesthetically dense and lustrous product with stretch properties.
This item offers a little forgiveness in an exact environment and therefore assists in eliminating wastage and reprints associated with sizing issues.

About Charles Parsons & Co Pty Ltd Charles Parsons - Adversol Textile Print Media.
100 years of experience in textile design, and development supports the continual evolution of the Adversol range of textile print media. Formulated to meet the ever-evolving demands of the soft signage industry the Adversol Print Textiles range incorporates a diversity in handle, texture, appearance, and performance.
Quality and Consistency are the key drivers behind the design and development of the Adversol range. Each and every item undergoes stringent testing in our certified laboratory, to ensure immediate production of quality imagery and finished product.
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