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Offset, Digital & Wide Format

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Market Segments - How to Sell to the Segments

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About CMYKhub Want to run your business from the golf course? We are here to help you! We’re your caddy. Come and see us.


In golf, a caddy is the person who carries your equipment giving insightful advice and support. A good caddy is aware of the challenges and obstacles, along with the best strategy and knowledge to perform successfully.

Working with CMYKhub will give you the freedom of focusing on your business development and growth, rather than on the manufacturing and operational issues, while at the same time giving you access to new local products with no additional costs or investments. You have the chance to share and work with our team of professional caddies to learn about the industry through our Print Academy. We are here to grow your business by giving you the tools, equipment, advice and resources you require.

Some of our Products that we can offer you:
1. Offset, Digital & Wide Format
2. OPM Software
3. National Manufacturing
4. Market Segments - How to Sell to the Segments
5. Adding Value to Print

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