Colour Graphic Services Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 4026
Denistone East NSW 2112
Telephone: 61 400 123 398
Stand No: B62

Brands we Sell

Techkon, Mellow Colour, JUST Normlicht, Printflow, Color Logic, EIZO

Product Profiles

Techkon range of hand held and scanning densitometers, spectrodensitometers and plate readers.

Mellow Colour suite of software, including PrintSpec, InkSpec, Flatline, RetroSpec, ProofSpec, PassMaster, Mellow Cloud and Mellow Analytics.

Printflow DIPS (Digital Ink Pre-set) and Printflow DC (Closed loop colour control systems) for offset presses.

JUST Normlicht ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 viewing systems.

Color Logic ColorAnt - Advanced profile chart measurement system and Color Logic Copra - Professional level ICC profile creation.

About Colour Graphic Services Pty Ltd We will be demonstrating the Techkon range of colour measurement instruments, with Techkon MD, Albin Baranauskas and Techkon Sales & Marketing Manager, Corinne Perigaud, both visiting from Germany.
Additionally we will be showing the latest Mellow Colour suite of colour applications, including PrintSpec, Mellow Cloud and Mellow Analytics.
With our focus on colour management support we will also have JUST Normlicht viewing systems, Color Logic ColorAnt and Copra ICC pro level software, EIZO monitors and Printflow closed loop colour systems for Offset.
Free Colour Health checks will be part of our services at PacPrint.

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