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RMGT, Ryobi, Perfecta, Hohner, Uchida

Product Profiles

RMGT 9 A1-Size offset Press
Combining the highly reliable paper transport of RMGT’s 1050mm format presses with software enabling easy maintenance, the RMGT 9 offers even higher productivity. Job changeover is much faster thanks to the Smart-FPC fully automatic simultaneous plate changer. Demonstrations will feature one-pass instant-curing perfecting employing the press’s two LED-UV Curing Systems, one over the perfecting device and the other at the delivery section.

Perfecta 115 Premium Line
This high-speed guillotine system can conveniently and easily process B1 (full size) format. Available with either the backgauge guided above the table or as an L-TS variant with linear drive and an open rear table, suiting your entry into an automatic cutting system.

Hohner Economy 25/40
The robust single head wire stitching machine for standard and loop stitching of pads and brochures. Patented unique cutting system for optimum wire feed, even for very thick products. Easy adjustment. Optional quick loop stitching conversion parts are available.

Hohner Easy Stitcher
Strong and precise construction. Economical and compact single head stitching machine for standard and loop stitching of booklets, pads, paper and plastic bags in packaging, attaching labels and tags. Perfect choice for the budget and space conscious users.

Uchida Countron AT Paper Counting Machine
Twin-blade counting system. Counts thick board without any corner bent. Saves cost, time and keeping accurate numbers. Countron AT for 80-400 gsm application.

Uchida XA-4 Spindle Stroke Type Paper Drilling Machine
World class inverter controlled paper drill with unparalleled functions such as adjustable stroke speed, one-touch drill bit height adjustment and spindle speed control (optional).

Uchida Tapit-WII Bundling Machine
This simple, highly versatile tape bundling machine can be used for many applications such as packing, printing, electrical semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, postage, and others.

3rd Generation in LED-UV Innovation
In today’s on-demand economy, the LED-UV and 9 series press has strike all the right notes. Launched in October 2008, Ryobi has been single-handedly driving the LED-UV evolution. This dry-to-dry printing system in combination with our world renowned 9 series press offers impressive cost-savings by reducing power consumption, installation space, whilst delivering exceptional high quality, productivity, ease of use and at the same time offers many environmental benefits. The 9 series press reduces CO2 emission to the lowest in the industry. Be profitable, Be responsible! The continued evolution of LED-UV and the 9 series press is creating exciting new business opportunities for printing companies…

About Cyber (Aust) Pty Ltd The Ryobi 920ST-4 colour offset printing press which will be fully operational throughout the entirety of Pacprint will feature some of the most up to date technology available.
Among the many features displayed on the press you will be able to witness the latest 3rd generation LED UV drying system. LED UV technology enables low energy instant drying to be easily achieved allowing offset printers to operate successfully in the on demand sector of the market.
Ryobi is not only the pioneer in this field but it is clearly the industry leader in this rapidly expanding market. The vast majority of our recent installations have seen these presses equipped with this outstanding feature.
The benefits to be gained through LED technology allow our customers to operate not only in a highly productive manner but it also allows them to operate in a very profitable manner. As soon as printed sheets arrive into the delivery of the press they can be cut, folded & delivered immediately.
A Ryobi press equipped with LED UV can easily compete with digital printing on a cost per sheet basis on run lengths as short as 200 sheets.
Also featured on the press will be our PQS-D print quality inspection system. This system enables full image inspection incorporating automatic quality inspection, density control and register checking. With the 55” Press information display providing live information high quality results are quickly achievable and easily maintained and controlled throughout the entirety of the job.

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