iCFX Global (formerly iMAAGE LED Lighting)

Address: 11 /1 Reliance Drive
Tuggerah Sales 2259
Telephone: 0243555333
Email: ian@gen2flex.com.au
Website: www.gen2flex.com.au
Stand No: H-50

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iCFX Global, GEN2FLEX,

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iCFX control gear designed to control colour change and or pixel control of linear LED lighting projects as well as RGB module control.

GEN2FLEX linear LED lighting products the easy DIY alternative to traditional glass neon.

About iCFX Global (formerly iMAAGE LED Lighting) iCFX Global, our name has changed (formally iMAAGE LED Lighting) as LED lighting continues to change so have we. We are at the forefront of LED pixel control linear lighting for the signage and architectural industries supplying GEN2FLEX in single colour, RGB colour changing and RGB pixel control (colour chasing.) We also design and build our own control gear from simple colour change sequences to major computer software control set-ups like the Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross Sydney. We continue to offer the latest in linear lighting options for signage, building profiles, bridges and a whole range of exciting installations. We are constantly evolving and improving our range, we are currently working on added UV protection that can be applied at the manufacturing stage and we hope to bring our own 'off the shelf' controllers to the market soon. Come and see us at stand H-50, have a chat & grab yourself a lolly!

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