Innopack Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: Kp.Khánh Lộc, P.Khánh Bình
Tx. Tân Uyên Tỉnh Bình Dương 590000
Telephone: +846503710465
Fax: +846503710559
Stand No: H33

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About Innopack Vietnam Co., Ltd INNOPACK VIETNAM is a market-leading manufacturer of sustainable transport packaging solutions. Also,our cardboard brand “I-Board” is a versatile solution for all exhibition and display stands need. I-Board is a fully recyclable rigid graphics paperboard which offers superior performance over most traditional foam board options. It’s stronger, more lightweight and cost effective. It can be used for advertisement purposes and exhibition furniture. From ground movement solutions to unique packaging and fire protection products, our experience is second to none. We work hard to ensure our clients stand out in the market place for all the right reason.

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