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printIQ core modules: The printIQ core comprises 8 modules that allow you to run a business from end to end. These modules are comprised of: Quote Intelligence, Payment Gateway, Workflow Manager, Factory Manager, Inventory Manager, Outsource Manager, Dispatch Manager and Job Track.

printIQ plus modules: As an extension to the printIQ Core, we offer our Plus Modules, a range of optional tools that are designed to add value to your business. We have 3 modules in the “Plus” range comprised of: approve, logistics, and mail.

printIQ connect modules: As an extension to the printIQ Core, we offer our Connect Modules, a range of optional tools that are designed to connect your business to a plethora of options. We currently have 7 modules in the “connect” range comprised of: CHILI Publish, enfocus SWITCH, Integrate, Link, Prinergy, Smartsite, and XMPie. We also have the FreeFlow Core module in development.

printIQ extend modules: We can also include options to add another business site, or a second satellite factory. We have a range of licenses that can be combined into the package at any stage to enhance the overall solution.

printIQ further modules: We can also include options to help you get key business intelligence and data analytics, link into an automated freight & shipping system, enter the lucrative ganging market, or create a streamlined logistics operation from within your print plant.

About IQ Australia Whether you’re looking to solve your estimating turnaround problem, take your business online or take the leap into being an efficient and modern print company, printIQ has the answer.

printIQ is a web based application that everyone accesses from an internet browser. Production-staff manage the factory while customers, and sales staff, quote, order and track, all from within same application. With no software to install, no separate web portal or online ordering system to add on, printIQ certainly does represent a quantum shift from what most printers are doing right now.

By utilising a Cloud-based solution model, printIQ offers shorter implementation times, lower up-front costs, and subscription-based payments. If you combine this with shorter, less costly development cycles and simplified functionality updates, it’s not surprising that printIQ is growing a loyal fan-base the world over.

printIQ is researched, developed & supported right here in Australia & New Zealand and we’re proud to be a part of the Australian and New Zealand Made programs. This helps promote the fact that we are creating real economic development with our ground-breaking product.

In a time when print management software desperately needs to keep up with the changing market, very few providers have an active R&D programme in place, and most of those in the local market are simply distributors for foreign companies. At IQ we have a local development team that understand the local market.

When you combine a comprehensive off the shelf MWS with custom software development skills, and print industry experts, our dedicated solutions can only deliver exceptional results.

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