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Address: 30 Whiting Street
Artarmon NSW 2064
Telephone: 02 8423 7700
Email: info@kayell.com.au
Website: www.kayellaustralia,com.au
Stand No: G45

Brands we Sell

GMG, XRite, GTI, Epson, Barbieri, Rutherford, Eizo, PSO Certification to ISO 12647-2, OBA Proofing Paper

Product Profiles

Epson Printers
The new Workforce Office Printer

GMG Color
Proofing and colour workflow solutions.

Reflective and Transmissive Spectrophotometer

XRite Rutherford
Close loop colour on press.

Eizo Moniors

About Kayell Australia Since 1970, Kayell has supplied the graphic arts industry with solutions, training and advice. Kayell is unique in that we combine skills and products that involve the entire imaging process, from image capture to printed output and all steps in-between.
This holistic view of the imaging process puts us in a position to help all involved in the imaging chain; Photographers, Educators, Designers, Prepress operators, Brand custodians, Advertising agencies, Print buyers and Printers.
Kayell has distribution agreements, with world-leading firms such as Epson, GMG, X-Rite, Rutherford, GTI, Eizo and Barbieri to name a few.
Kayell is a member of Australian TC 130 committee and are able to prepare customers for the Process Standard Offset (PSO) certification to the ISO 12647-2 standard. Some of Australia’s largest and most prestigious printers have engaged Kayell in the achievement of this internationally-recognised colour standard.
Kayell can help your company in many areas of printing including proofing, wide format printing and production, textile print production including direct to garment and dye-sublimation as well as UV printing. Kayell can also supply kiosk solutions as well as photo book printers and finishing equipment. If you are after office printers and projectors, Kayell can help as well. Accurate colour and colour management is our passion. Kayell have access to the leading suppliers involving accurate lighting, spectrophotometers and online world wide certification software as well as ink mixing software and close loop colour solutions for offset and web printers.

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