KIWO Australia

Address: 26 Ovata Drive
Tullamarine Victoria 3043
Telephone: 0499551611
Stand No: G70

Brands we Sell

KIWO, Ulano, Marabu, Zeller-Gmelin, Kornit, Epson, Mutoh, Pixalux, Buerkle

Product Profiles

Kornit - The only fully integrated DTG System available for mass production. We will show the new 7C Storm Hexa for the first time in Australia.

Epson - We are showing the Epson F-2000 DTG printer in combination with Stahls Heat press equipment and film.

Buerkle LFC - A very fast and efficient way to prime, color coat and laminate any rigid and flexible substrate with UV products.

KIWO Ink Lab - We will show how printed products are part of our Life. Also you can print your own Frisbee for free.

About KIWO Australia Be surprised by the “KIWO Ink Lab” – we are going to show you more than just equipment! There are so many items in our daily lives which are printed, usually we do not even know about it. Let us show you a bit more about that and explain to you as well our new slogan “We supply Color”. Plus print your own Frisbee for free right on our booth!

KIWO will be showing the new KORNIT STORM HEXA DTG printing system coupled with an ADELCO Dryer. The newly added colors Green and Red increase the color gamut and allow for more intense printing results. The machine is equipped with the new re-circulation heads which reduce ink wastage and increase productivity.

Also in the DTG range is the EPSON F-2000 printer in combination with the STAHLS heat press range. This neat package offers a great “value for money” proposition for new set-ups into the DTG application.

Appointed a MUTOH Dealer just recently, KIWO is going to show you the latest in Dye Sub printing with MUTOH printers. KIWO is going to represent the complete range of products from MUTOH.

Again on show is the BUERKLE LFC UV roller coating machine, which primes, color coats and laminates rigid and flexible substrates. Not only is the machine very versatile in its applications but it’s also operating at breath taking speed (up to 25m / minute). It’s available in standard widths like 1300 / 1600 and 2100mm (or even wider for special applications).

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