LED Works

Address: 32 Beatty St
Balgowlah Heights NSW 2093
Telephone: 02 9948 8234
Fax: 02 9948 8239
Email: sally@ledworks.com.au
Website: www.ledworks.com.au
Stand No: B30

Brands we Sell

Osram, GE Lighting

Product Profiles

GE Tetra Contour
Neon Replacement product. Used on Skysigns and Building Highlighting

Osram Box LED Products
The Smart way to illuminate Lightboxes from the side. Used by major retailers to reduce their energy costs.

GE Wet Signage LED Range
A Weatherproof LED range with 5 year warranty backed by GE engineering.

Osram LEDs with the highest colour rendition of CRI>85. reproduces colours to the highest standard especially skintones which can often be washed out be poor quality LEDs

RGBW - For something fancy we are launching are Colour Changing LED range, a great innovation for signage to attract attention.

About LED Works LED Works was Australia's first Signage LED Specialist established in 2003. LEDWorks represents the two premium LED brands In Australia. Osram European specification LEDs and GE Signage LEDs, Both ranges offer the highest of standards, lifetime, reliability and quality. Our team will provide you with timely quotes and advice and then comprehensive installation designs with your order. We carry large amounts of stock locally for your immediate needs.

In 2016 LED Works was proud to recieve the Gold Award for LED Sign of the Year for Suncorp Stadium Skysigns. Our GE Contour product is a neon replica with all the benefits of neon. This product will be on show at PacPrint

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