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LuxeFilms, Mirror Metalized, Gilt Metalized, FineLeather, FineLinen, Karess, ScuffProof, EcoPro, Komfi, PolarGrip

Product Profiles

Mirror™ Metalized
A brilliant silver metallic polyester film with excellent printability and machinability, allowing in-house production of Met-Poly/ METPET board by utilizing nearly any one-sided laminating machine. Mirror™ Metalized film provides an excellent reflective silver foil effect, and its properties allow varnishes and stamped products to adhere to the film, creating incredible special effects.

The most popular multi-sensual overlaminate, adding a dynamic tactile dimension to the allure of print. It feels as delicate as a rose petal, and as luscious as silk. Durable, scuff-resistant and ultra-matte, this laminate will protect and enhance premium prints and packaging products, giving them an expensive and luxurious feel. Karess™ provides a vivid color clarity which surpasses that of any standard matte laminating film. Also available with an UltraGrip ® adhesive for digitally printed projects.

An overlaminate offering allure and tactile dimension to the print, publishing and packaging world. Manufactured with a unique emboss pattern on the film, FineLeather™ simulates the texture of high-quality fine-grained leather. The smooth cowhide pattern gives a subdued, yet expensive feel on every application

Komfi. SAGITTA 52
For nearly two decades, Komfi® has been the global leader in building one-sided laminating equipment. In the 1990’s, Komfi® introduced the concept of compact, highly productive laminators in America with the Delta 52. With over 1,200 installations since of that machine alone, Komfi® has proved its creed of building high-quality laminators that run, and run, and run. The Komfi® line now includes over a dozen models, offering many options on sheet sizes, feeding and unloading options, and more.

Proven and ergonomic manual gluing systems for small to medium production of bespoke folding cartons, book binding, rigid box creation and any application requiring super high strength bonding of cello-glazed surfaces

About LuxeFilms Experience a new standard in the world of laminating films.
Brilliant, all-new thermal laminate technology that combines the best of sight, touch and quality—every time. Encounter print and packaging solutions that will capture consumer attention and increase market share. LuxeFilms® presents a product line-up of inspiring finishes giving brilliant results!
LuxeFilms® provides innovative finishing films that inspire brand owners, designers, and publishers in creating dynamic print and packaging solutions that capture consumer attention and market share. Experience a new standard in the world of laminating film. Brilliant, all-new thermal film technology that combines the best of sight and touch, providing:
brand owners and designers creative new solutions for show-stopping product designs that sell more product.
folding carton producers, packaging providers and trade finishers, a dynamic new print medium.
brilliantly rich and vibrant colors.
stunning special effects not previously possible in the world of packaging.
value through visually appealing tactile surfaces with varying properties that allow for print, UV coating, gluing and foil stamping.
increased durability and extended shelf life to consumer goods and luxury packaging.

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