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Brands we Sell

SIGNBOND - Aluminium Composite Panel, PALIGHT - Foamed PVC, EX-CELL - Foamed PVC, ASTARIGLAS - Acrylic, SHINKOLITE - Continuous Cast Acrylic, ACRYTUFF - IM Extruded Acrylic, OPTIX DA - Digital Acrylic, MULFUTE, SIGNEX - Foamed PVC

Product Profiles

SIGNBOND™ - Aluminium Composite Panel, using a special polymer paint, comes with a high glossy surface one side and matt finish on the other making if perfect for direct screen printing, digital printing,spray painting or for the application of vinyl. The aluminium sides of Signbond™ are 0.2mm and .3mm skin which provides for an extremely flat, flawless, smooth surface that is lightweight and asthetically pleasing.

ACRYLIC - is a rigid plastic that is a highly versatile & widely used product and comes in range of Sheet. Extensively used for signs & displays, building and glazing. It is amongst the most scratch resistance of all thermoplastics and it's transparency, gloss & dimensional shape are virtually unaffected by exposure to the elements. Mulford carry an extensive range including cell cast commercial acrylic, Shinkolite and various grades of high impact.

FOAMED PVC - Palight® - EX-CELL - PVC Foamed sheets are versatile, flexible, lightweight and durable substrates for demanding digital print, screen print and sign applications.Foamed PVC sheet is light weight and quite rigid. It is available in black, white and numerous colours, thickness and sheet sizes.

MULFLUTE - Is a twin wall plastic sheet made from the highest quality polypropylene material using the most advanced extrusion technology available. Mulflute™ sheet is suitable for various applications ranging from printing, signage, displays, promotional items, packaging and other industrial applications and can be cut, scored, folded or die cut giving you the ability to create a variety of shapes. Being a versatile material, you can use Mulflute™ to make anything within your imagination.

SIGNEX - Signex® is similar to a PVC Foam product but with far superior quality for more demanding applications. The manufacturing process results in a "skinning" or outer layer of the foam board creating a harder, smoother and more scratch resistant surface along with increased mechanical performance. Signex® is a very strong, durable and light weight product that will not rot or delaminate like other products making it perfect for the signage and building industries. Signex® is very chemical resistance and can be handled and worked with like many other building products such as timber. It can be routered, glued, filled, sanded and painted with standard woodworking tools whilst providing an improved surface finish.

About Mulford Plastics With over 70 years in the industry, Mulford have been instrumental in the pioneering & supply of today’s applications in plastics. This plastic product innovation includes materials sourced from a diverse range of technology leading manufacturers that are now used across a host of dynamic industries: from Building and Construction, Corporate Signage, Shop-fitting, Engineering, Mass Transportation, Large Format and Digital Printing through to Electronics. With a vast network of sales and distribution branches around Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we are committed to providing a comprehensive professional and high quality service.

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