PT Karyaterang Sedati

Address: Desa Betro, Sedati
Sidoarjo East Java 61253
Telephone: 0412629109
Stand No: G58

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Laser toner printer material
We developed this product to withstand high temperature during the printing process of laser printer. The variants include White Gloss, White Matt, Transparent, Metalize, Gold Metalise, Satin, and Taffeta.

HP Indigo material
We applied special priming to the material so that the paste ink that is used in HP Indigo completely adhere to the surface of the substance. Our Transparent and White Gloss products have been HP Indigo certified, while White Matt and Metalize are still undergoing further tests.

Inkjet printer material
We have paper based and film based material for inkjet printers, both with White Gloss and White Matt options. We also have transparent film product for Inkjet printer.

Large format material
This product is available in 1m, 1.3m, and 1.5m to fit your large format printer. The variants include White Gloss and Transparent, both with blackout backing options for non-light penetration.

About PT Karyaterang Sedati PT Karyaterang Sedati is an adhesive label manufacturer that is based in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. Founded in 1993, PT Karyaterang Sedati has been producing many varieties of label stock materials for different applications, such as industrial use, hygiene products, and food grade labels. We have been following the trend in global printing market, which lead us to develop our digital printing products. Our products, which is called “Digiprint” mainly consist of label printing media suitable for laser toner printer, HP Indigo, Inkjet printer, and large format printers. With the help of many experts in the field, we came up with many innovations that raised our products to compete in the international market. We implement ISO 9001:2008 standard as our sign of commitment to continual process improvement as well as maintaining a global standard in our operations. We developed our digital printing products to maximize image printing quality with great ink absorption material. Our product ensures that the ink is completely anchored to the surface so that lamination is not required. We have tested our Digiprint products on various laser printers such as Fuji Xerox, Konika Minolta, and Epson; which all shows good results and compatibility. We also have HP Indigo certification for some of our specialized products. In the future, we are going to keep innovating to enlarge the use of many undiscovered use of labels in the digital printing sector.

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