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Address: PO box 633
Somerton Victoria 3061
Telephone: +61414775526
Fax: +6183597788
Stand No: C69

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Vivad, Stretchframe, Vivtrack

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Vivtrack 2 is Vivad's Web-to print portal which allows users to specify the size, upload and preflight files, order online know the delivery cost and ETA in one sitting

Vivad offer 13 different stretch fabric extrusions. Single sided, Double sided, 3 Light box extrusions, The cube, Cavity,No-Structural, Minibrace, X-Brace, Max adapter, bullet track and now the Evictor track which sends of our internal stretch frame systems outside.

Vivad offer an exciting new exhibition products such as our Halo Frame come to our stand C69 to see the latest product innovations

Vivad can manufacture seamless light boxes up to 5 meters wide. Come and see a 5m x 5m hanging light box at Stand C69

Selfie frames are very much in vogue at the moment. They are great for events and promotions.
Come and take a selfie at Stand C69 and double your chances of winning prizes at Pac Print

About Vivad(Aust) Pty Ltd Come to Stand C69, grab a free Barista made coffee, and watch our short presentation video of Vivad’s exciting new web to print portal; Vivtrack 2. We are giving away an IMac 3.2Ghz iMac with 27inch Retina Screen as well as 10 UE boom blue tooth sound systems as well as three $1000 printing vouchers. By registering at Stand C69 you receive a $50 print credit on your first job as well as a free 8 GB USB stick. Take a Selfie and post to instagram with the hash tag #VivadPacPrint and double your chances of winning. All this and learn about the easiest way to outsource large format digital printing. Drop by and check it out.
Vivad will be demonstrating Vivad’s Web-to-print portal through a short video screen presentation;
Vivtrack 2.0 is a web to print portal that allows print buyers and trade clients to obtain instant on-line pricing for customized Large format print products. Web users can customize their print product based on variants such as expected longevity, type of print media and finishing. Web users can upload their artwork, and the Vivtrack server gives instant Pre-flight feedback as to the suitability of the artwork, indicating if there are any resolution or proportion issues prior to placing their order. Vivtrack also calculates freight options based on theoretical packing dimensions, required ETA and shipping destination.
When it comes to print production Vivad print up to 5 metres wide, We print rigid materials, dye sublimation onto fabrics and high resolution ink-jet printing. Vivad perform all print finishing and fabrication in-house.
Visit to see our extensive range of products and to learn more about Vivtrack 2

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