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CHILI publisher, iC3D, Enfocus, Tilia Labs, Metrix

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CHILI publisher is a breakthrough online document editing solution that simplifies the process of managing collateral online and it is more efficient and intuitive for clients. A simple to set up, browser-based engine, able to support multiple languages and flexible enough to deliver great publishing tools for your business, whatever business you’re in. Whether the industry is direct mail, web2print, magazine publishing, business to business, retail, consumer products, personalised and customised merchandise, packaging, brand management, document creation, yearbook applications or beyond, CHILI publisher already helps make short work of even the most ambitious document editing tasks.

The award winning iC3D suite the world’s first Real-Time, all-in-one 3D packaging design software, that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly. The rapid packaging, modelling and visualisation tool, which lets you see, in real time, the impact of any design decisions such as embossing, debossing, foil or shrink wrap brings packaging to life. Dramatically reducing proof design time and enabling photo-realistic marketing materials to be created before the first unit is produced.

Enfocus - The leading software company specialising in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files for print and to automate workflow processes in the graphic arts industry. Enfocus PitStop products go beyond preflight checks, delivering auto-correction of PDFs, advanced PDF editing and automation to guarantee accurate and efficient file exchange. The company’s innovative Switch solutions streamline the workflow throughout the complete production chain – from design to final print – thereby connecting printers, publishers and designers.

Metrix is an industry-leading, award-winning, job planning and imposition software. Putting data-driven decision making at the centre of your operations Metrix ensures uniformity, efficiency, error-free intelligent planning and imposition across the entire enterprise. Metrix enables MIS/ERP customers to expand their investment to a complete workflow, eliminating errors, streamlining processes, optimising manufacturing, lowering costs and improving quality. Trade print shops have been benefitting from these cost savings for many years, as are a growing number of commercial printers.

Tilia Labs - An innovative company, Tilia Labs has been taking imposition into a new dimension, releasing intuitive pre-press software since 2012. Initially created for the packaging and label market, it creates production efficiencies through nested and ganged impositions even with complex interlocking. Special functions include automatic bleed overlap detection, comprehensive and customisable marks, provide further benefits. With years of experience, the Tilia Labs team developed the flagship product Phoenix which comes in three editions: CAD, PDF, and PRO and is now joined by a roll-fed version and a new server version.

About Workflowz Pty Ltd Workflowz Pty Ltd is a leading provider software in the graphic arts market, built on the principles of supplying quality products and associated professional services including training and support. We have an amazing portfolio of best-of-breed solutions encompassing Web2print, Imposition, Packaging and PDF. We enable our customers to get the most out of their investment with ongoing services such as project management.

Our extensive product portfolio provides efficiency, automation and improved quality and our unique service has established our place in the industry and allows us to make a distinctive, substantial impact for our clients.

At PacPrint, we will be showing partner solutions including: Enfocus for PDF flight-checking and file process automation, CHILI publish for online document editing and visualisation that power many web2print solutions and IC3D, the labelling and packaging design tool with stunning photorealistic rendering capabilities for product prototyping mockups. We will also be showing imposition solutions from Tilia Labs including their flagship product, Phoenix, a range of pre-press software designed with a focus on the needs of the packaging and print/label market and Metrix which is used to control ganged (or composite) impositions for Retail, Point of Sale, Greetings Cards and web2print production.

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