Zhongshan Qianyou Chemical materials Co., Ltd

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Zhongshan Qianyou Chemical materials Co., Ltd is established at Guangdong, China. With 20-years expertise on manufacturing polymer and monomers, we are the trust-worthy raw material supplier for coating, inking and adhesive industries. Our reliable products and professional service is performed excellently for energy-curable technology. Here, we would like to be a loyal partner of Australian company by supplying a broad range of products and business solution for packaging, printing and construction. We are always open-minded to any opportunities to help you business growth, development and expansion.

Contact Details
Address: 8 Xinzhan Rd
Minzhong, Zhongshan Guangdong 528403
Phone: +86-760-86170732
Fax: +86-760-22601576
Email: sales@inchemicals.com
Website: www.inchemicals.com